20-Dhul Qidah-1445

About Us

Leytonstone Islamic Association has been serving the Muslim Community for over 50 years

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Leytonstone Islamic Association is a registered charity (273945) and was founded in 1969 to cater for the needs of the local Muslim community within Leytonstone and its surrounding areas.

Today, the mosque provides a wide range of services, in addition to the daily prayers. We have: advice and counselling; education for young people and children; services related to marriage and death; and many more. We have a team of staff and volunteers to enable us to provide and deliver for our local community. 

Some of the Services we provide:

At Leytonstone Masjid, we provide a wide range of services to cater for the local Leytonstone community and beyond.


Islamic Marriage Services


Islamic Education for our Children and Young People since 1969.

School Visits

We run guided tours for schools and local organisations.

A Brief timeline

In the name of Allāh, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

Leytonstone Islamic Association Formed

Leytonstone Islamic Association was formed and from here the story began. At first, a hall was hired for Salaat, which was available for Jummah and Madressa. The hall was used for Madressa on weekends only.


Purchase of the Elliott Rooms

Donations were entirely provided entirely by the local Muslim Community and the Elliot Rooms Property was purchased and work began on the redevelopment of the site to cater for worshippers.


Leytonstone Masjid Opens

Leytonstone Masjid Opened its doors to cater for the growing local Muslim Community. Masjid is the Arabic word for Mosque.


Registered For Solemnising Marriages

Leytonstone Masjid was registered for solemnising marriages on 13th February 1978.


2nd Floor Expansion

Leytonstone Masjid underwent a major refurbishment which saw the creation of a second floor in the mosque to cater for the increasing number of worshippers.

3rd October 2017

Leytonstone Masjid Launches Live Stream

Leytonstone Masjid launched its online live streaming service. The local community along with listeners across the world can tune in live to our programmes and sermons from their mobile and internet connected devices, via the Masjid website.

8th May 2020

Call to Prayer (Adhan) broadcasted publicly over loudspeaker

Leytonstone Masjid along with other local mosques across Waltham Forest were given special permission to broadcast the Call to Prayer (Adhan) for Friday Prayers (Jummah Salah) publicly over loudspeakers, during the Coronavirus lock-down of 2020. The lock-down saw the Masjid close it’s doors to the public for the first time in it’s 44 year history since 1976.