19-Dhul Hijjah-1445

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Leytonstone Masjid is

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eMasjid Live

With eMasjid, you can listen to Leytonstone Masjid live from your phone or via the eMasjid Receiver, which will play the live stream automatically when the Masjid is live. The eMasjid receiver is the replacement for the analogue radio receiver, and connects via Wi-Fi.

Tune in Radio

Search “Tune in” in the app store to download the Tune In radio App. Once installed, search for Leytonstone Masjid. Visit the Tune in Radio Website below, for further instructions on how to download the app and compatible devices.

Through Tune in Radio, you can listen to Leytonstone Masjid on hundreds of home, car, and portable devices, and also with Alexa and Google Home. For smart Tune In Compatible devices, you can use the voice command “Play Leytonstone Masjid on Tune In”.

Radio Transmitter - 454.275

Leytonstone Masjid is available on Radio Transmitter Frequency 454.275

Livestream not working?

Try these troubleshooting steps first:

1. Check the Stream Status, at the top of this page. If it says “Leytonstone Masjid is LIVE”, and you are still experiencing problems go to step 2. If any other message appears please contact us using the Report Live Stream Problem.

2. The Livestream plays Quran recordings 24/7. When there is a programme or prayer at Leytonstone Masjid being broadcasted, the stream switches automatically to the live feed. If you are using power saving mode on your device and playing the stream in the background, this may introduce a delay into the stream playback.

3. Have you tried restarting your device by turning it off and back on again? This is known to be one of the most common fixes to IT problems. If this fails, continue following the troubleshooting guidance below.

4. Are you using an Adblocker? An Adblocker is a piece of software which blocks adverts. Our Live stream may not work if you are using an adblocker. If you are, you will need to disable it completely and then restart your browser. 

5. Have you tried a different browser. Some versions of Google Chrome are know to be problematic with playing live streams. Try a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge and see if the problem resolves itself.

6. Have you tried a different device? The fault may lie with your device. Try again with a different device. if you are having trouble playing the livestream via the Leytonstone Masjid App, try the Masjid Website.

Still having problems: Contact us using our Report Fault form, and we’ll try and help solve your problem.

Report Live Stream Problem

If the Live Stream is not working and the troubleshooting steps have not resolved the issue, please report the issue using the form below.