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Iftar gift packs distributed to neighbours

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Leytonstone Masjid distributed 100 Iftar gift packs to local neighbours of the Mosque on Sunday 3rd June 2018. The Iftar gift packs were packed and distributed by a team of volunteers, many of whom were young people. The Iftar gift packs were well received by recipients and some shared images of their Iftar gift packs as well as kind messages on social media, which resulted in a hugely positive response for this great initiative.

Iftar Gift Pack

The Iftar gift packs were designed to share Ramadhan and iftar (the meal for breaking the fast) with our neighbours.

Each pack contained Iftar delicacies including dates, onion bhajis and vegetable samosas, in addition to sweets, juices and a cupcake. 

Also included in the pack was a Ramadhan Fact card, which gave some key facts about the holy month, as well as a message from the Mosque to our lovely neighbours. 

The Gift Packs were well received with one recipient describing the initiative as a “beautiful gesture”, with another recipient describing they that were “utterly blown away”. Many neighbours expressed their gratitude saying “Thank you to my lovely neighbours”.

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