Tune In Livestream Issues Resolved

Status: Resolved

A Number of users had reported issues using the Livestream player on our website and app, namely the Tune In Radio Player on Chrome and Chromium based browsers. Thank you to everyone who reported the problem using our online Livestream Not Working Form, as this helped our service provider work with Tune In to identify and resolve the issue.

Still Experiencing Problems?

 If you experience any issues with our Live stream, please follow the updated guidance and troubleshooting on the Live Stream webpage and report any issues directly to our service provider using the Livestream Not Working form.


Call to Prayer (Adhan)

The Adhan (Call to Prayer) was performed publicly earlier today to alert the members of our Muslim community to the time of the Friday Prayer.  This was part of a Waltham Forest Council of Mosques Initiative, in which 9  Mosques across the borough have been given permission to perform the Read more…