20-Dhul Qidah-1445

Jummah Arrangements – 2021 Updated

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Alhamdulillah by the Mercy of Allah Leytonstone Masjid have made arrangements for Jummah Salaah to take place, the timings are:

  • 1st khutbah Azaan 12.45
  • 2nd khutbah Azaan 13.15

    Doors for the Salaah will open 15 mins before. Please arrive on time to avoid congestion.

    • Be aware there is limited space, do not be offended if you are turned away.
    • Children under 12 do not attend due to limited space.

    We ask you to be patient and follow the rules below:-

    ? DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 or are in the vulnerable group e.g. chronic illness, over 70 years of age etc.

    ? Bring your own prayer mat / musalla.

    ? You must wear a face covering/ mask.

    ? Be prepared with wudhu from your home.

    ? Use sanitiser on entry and exit.

    ? Maintain social distancing.

    ? Pray only in designated spots.

    ? Follow instructions given by appointed volunteers.

    ? Do not gather inside or outside of the Masjid. Leave straight away after Salaah as instructed.

    Please continue to make Dua’a that Allah relieves mankind from this difficulty, Ameen.