Jummah Booking

Pre booking is now required for Jummah at Leytonstone Masjid.
Upcoming Jummah Bookings

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Once you have booked your ticket:

  1. You will need to arrive at your allocated time, with your ticket either printed or on your phone, ready for check in at the entrance.
  2. Your ticket will only allow entry for the named person on the ticket for the Salah timing you have registered for. No ticket = No entry.

We ask you to be patient and follow the rules below:

📣 DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 or are in the vulnerable group e.g. chronic illness, over 70 years of age etc.

📣 Bring your own prayer mat / musalla.

📣 You must wear a face covering/ mask.

📣 Be prepared with wudhu from your home.

📣 Have your entry ticket ready to scan for check-in at the entrance (either printed or on your phone).

📣 Use sanitiser on entry and exit.

📣 Maintain social distancing.

📣 Pray only in designated spots.

📣 Follow instructions given by appointed volunteers.

📣 Do not gather inside or outside of the Masjid. Leave straight away after Salaah as instructed.