20-Dhul Qidah-1445

Eid Day Arrangements

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Eid Salaah Times


Eid Salaah

Eid Salaah

You Must Bring a Prayer Mat, Face Covering and Shoe Bag for Eid Prayers.

Eid al Fitr 1442/2021

Eid al Fitr 1442/2021 The new moon for the month of Shawaal has been sighted in the designated zone for Britain, so Ramadhan has ended and Shawaal has begun. Inshallah Eid will be on Thursday Read more…

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Leytonstone Masjid will host 2 Eid Jamaats on Eid Day (05.30am and 06.15am). These will be on a first come, first serve basis. 

Eid Salaah will NOT require pre-booking tickets, however Jummah will continue to use our Jummah Ticket Booking System. Once the Masjid is full, we will not be able to permit further entry. To help manage the crowd, you may be asked to return later, if queues become too long.

You must bring your own Prayer Mat, Face Covering and Shoe Bag.

Queues are expected, and worshippers are requested to be patient, cooperate with stewards and maintain social distancing while in the queues as well as on the Masjid Estate.

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When is Eid?

Eid Al Fitr 1442 / 2021 will be either Thursday 13th May or Friday 14th May. Leytonstone Masjid encourages sighting the moon locally on the evening of Wednesday 12th May 2021 for the 1st of Shawwal (Eid al Fitr).

An announcement on the new moon sighting for the 1st day of the month of Shawaal (Eid al Fitr) will take place after the Isha Salah on Wednesday 12th May 2021.